Closure at Casale sul Sile between Villa Gabbianelli to Via Saccon in Restera – from 18 July 2022 to 5 August 2022

By muenchen.venezia on 27. July 2022

To the emergency works for the repair of the stretch of bank located downstream of Villa Gabbianelli on Restera in Casale sul Sile,

to the removal of damaged plants along the River Sile – on the section of the right-hand bank downstream of Villa Gabbianelli and the intersection of Via Saccon and Restera at Casale sul Sile

to the closure from Monday 18 July 2022 to Friday 5 August 2022 of the cycle/pedestrian path named Greenway from Casale sul Sile – right bank of the river Sile from Villa Gabbianelli to via Saccon on Restera, in order to allow emergency work to be carried out to repair a section of the bank for the removal of damaged plants along the river Sile.


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